Develop WMU Leadership Training


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Want to cultivate your skills as a missions leader?

Develop courses will

  • Give you practical tips for teaching and leading your chosen age-level.
  • Help you grow the ministry of your church, association, and state.
  • Guide you to cultivate your personal ministry.

Develop provides cost-effective, quality courses you can take online 24/7 – Training that’s available whenever you are!




  • Leading Mission Friends 
  • Uniquely Designed:  Preschoolers
  • How Preschoolers Learn
  • Beyond the Basics: Preschoolers
  • Click here to see the courses needed for the
    Mission Friends Leadership Certificate.


  • Leading Girls in Action (girls in grades 1–6)
  • Beyond the Basics: Girls in Action (girls in grades 1-6)
  • Leading Royal Ambassadors (boys in grades 1-6)
  • Leading Children in Action (children in grades 1-6)
  • Uniquely Designed:  Children
  • How Children Learn
  • Click here to learn about Children's Leadership
    Certificate Programs


  • Leading myMission (women ages 18-34)
  • Leading Women on Mission
  • Leading Adults on Mission
  • Uniquely Designed:  Adults
  • How Adults Learn

Churchwide WMU:

  • Leading Churchwide WMU
  • Leading Churchwide WMU (Spanish)

Associational WMU:

  • Leading WMU in the Association

Christian Job Corps:

  • Getting to Know CWJC and CMJC


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