About Enrichment - Leadership Skills Resources


Interested in enriching your leadership skills in a Christian context? Then Enrichment courses are just what you’re looking for!

Enrichment courses can be taken anytime, as individual classes or as electives within the certificate program offered through CWLC.

Would you like to know how to get your church radically involved in missions? Wanda Lee shares why missions and missions education is important. Why Missions Education? is available today.

Any professional may benefit from these courses. Additionally, the Alabama State Nurses Association provides one contact hour upon the successful completion of each  course:

  • Coaching as an Approach to Leadership (provides one contact hour) Marilyn Graves, President of National Baptist Nursing Fellowship (BNF), challenges and prepares participants to use coaching as an approach to leadership. This course is free to national BNF members.
  • Cultivating Care and Concern: Mental Health and PTSD (provides one contact hour) A panel of professionals share their personal and poignant experiences with mental health illness and post-traumatic stress giving participants suggestions for cultivating care and concern for both those experiencing mental health disorders and for the care givers. This course is free to national BNF members.

Do you need to lead a conference soon?   How to Plan and Conduct a Conference is available today.