This course begins April 2, 2018!

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Taught by Dr. Noel Forlini Burt, lecturer at Baylor University, Spiritual Formation as a Leader challenges participants to look closely at the role of grace in their lives and to accept the invitation to go in the way of peace as they lead.


In this course, participants will:


  • Look at a definition of spiritual formation and the love of God
  • Discuss the connection between loving and being loved
  • Compare and contrast two biblical characters who were given invitations to follow Jesus
  • Reflect on receiving God’s grace in places that hurt
  • Discover what’s entailed in going the way of peace


This $30 course begins April 2 and includes a PDF copy of the course text, Upside-Down Leadership (New Hope Publishers), by Taylor Field.




I really didn’t know what to expect and got started late, but [the course] was something I had difficulty putting down once I started. —Janice I Carter


The course made me look at my own motivation as a leader. —Sue Stickel


This was a very deep, rich, life-giving course. —Jennifer  McKnight


The balance of videos and assignments was manageable in the time allotted, and the content was thought-provoking. The concept of “unleading” could really help women who don’t see themselves as leaders understand how they do, in fact, lead and how to be more effective. —Rhonda Shierling


Spiritual Formation as a Leader, in the area of Leadership Formation, is one of nine courses being offered in CWLC’s Certificate Program. 

The curriculum in the certificate program focuses on three areas of study in three semesters of course work. Participants will take three four-week classes each semester, one from each area.


  • The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Theory
  • Women Leaders from the Past



  • Spiritual Formation as a Leader
  • A Sense of Call
  • Missional Living



  • Leader Skills
  • Follower Skills
  • Leading with Integrity


While leading is a wonderful opportunity, it can be challenging to know how to lead effectively. This course will help prepare you for your leadership role. It will help you evaluate the way you give and receive grace as you strive to lead using the model that Jesus provides in his encounter with two people in need of grace. A variety of interactive learning activities will introduce you to the basic information needed to improve your leader skills.



Course Information


Quick Start: You may begin your course immediately by clicking the Modules tab to the left of this screen.


  •  Spiritual Formation as a leader is a timed four-week course. You can work on each week’s assignment when it is most convenient for you within the time allotted for each week’s activities. You will be notified 2–3 days before the assignments expire.


  • The course was designed so participants can complete all of the learning activities and assignments in three to five hours per week. This time could vary based on personal learning style. However, you should be able to easily complete this course within the four-week course period by committing at least three to five hours per week during this time frame.


  • During the four weeks you are registered for Spiritual Formation as a Leader, you will be able to access and view all of the information from the learning activities and assignments in the order they are presented. Most of the assignments will allow for several attempts to complete them.


  • As a participant, you will have a personal online portfolio that will remain available to you after completing this course for as long as you maintain a profile on this site. During the four weeks you are registered for this course, you will be able to save files of your work and some of the course information in your portfolio for future reference. Throughout the course, you will receive prompts asking if you would like to save some of the files from the course information or files of your work. Be sure to save in your portfolio the files you want to be able to view after you complete the course. CWLC recommends that you save the PDF of the course textbook to your computer for your own personal enjoyment.


  • This course has been created for your leadership, personal, and ministry development. Part of the learning experience is the opportunity to interact with and receive feedback online from Christian Women’s Leadership Center (CWLC) leaders as you complete the learning activities and assignments. You will also participate with others taking this course on the forum. Rather than receiving a grade at the end of this course, your course work will either be “Complete” or “Incomplete.” If you complete and submit the assignments in the course and receive satisfactory feedback from a CWLC facilitator, you will receive a “Complete” at the end of the course.


Here is the course outline:

Introduction and Materials

This module provides a course overview and course textbook.

Week One: Spiritual Formation, Loving, and Being Loved

Complete week one activities.

Week Two - The Invitation of God

Complete week two activities.

Week Three - Receiving God's Grace in Places that Hurt

Complete week three activities.

Week Four - Going the Way of Peace

Complete week four activities.


Complete this module and receive your course certificate.