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Leadership Theory / Know Your Neighbor August 2019

Claudia Johnson

Leadership Theory

Are you ready to be a transformed and transformational leader? Will you invest in those closest to you? How about your neighbors?


In Leadership Theory, Dr. Noel Forlini Burt, lecturer at Baylor University, will lead you on a journey of self-reflection as you

  • Discuss today’s theories on leadership.
  • Think about how servant leadership poses a countercultural idea.
  • Focus on knowing yourself as a leader.
  • Consider potential conflicts involved in leadership.
  • Explore the boundaries needed for leaders.
  • Learn the importance of being a transformed and transformational leader.

The course textbook, Servant Leadership: A Biblical Study for Becoming a Christlike Leader, by Rhonda H. Kelley, is provided as a PDF file within the course.

This course can be taken as a stand-alone, or as part of our Leadership Certificate Program, an affordable online program of nine courses created for Christian women who want to develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Theory  Course Overview Video

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The Leadership Certificate Program focuses on three areas of study in three semesters of course work. Participants will take three four-week classes each semester, one from each area.

Leadership Theory, in the area of Leadership Foundations, is one of nine courses being offered in CWLC’s Certificate Program. 

The curriculum in the certificate program focuses on three areas of study in three semesters of course work. Participants will take three four-week classes each semester, one from each area.


  • The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Theory
  • Women Leaders from the Past



  • Spiritual Formation as a Leader
  • A Sense of Call
  • Missional Living



  • Leader Skills
  • Follower Skills
  • Leading with Integrity



As a Christian leader or as a Christian wanting to develop your leadership skills, you will benefit from this course by gaining an understanding of leadership theory.  In Leadership Theory, we discuss theories on leadership today and how servant leadership poses a countercultural idea. We will focus on knowing ourselves as leaders, potential conflicts involved in leadership, needed boundaries for leaders, and the importance of being a transformed and transformational leader. Our course instructor, Dr. Noel Forlini, will lead us on a journey of self-reflection.

Here is the course outline:

Introduction and Materials

This module gives an overview of leadership theory and its course textbook.

Week One

Jesus modeled servant leadership.

Week Two

Leadership involves knowing one's heart.

Week Three

Leaders experience barriers and set boundaries.

Week Four

Weaknesses may be a leader's strength.


Complete the course and receive your certificate.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Leadership Theory Printable Certificate
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