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Women Leaders from the Past / Know Your Neighbor September

Claudia Johnson

Women Leaders from the Past

Do you know the rich history of Christian women leaders?

In Women Leaders from the past, taught by Dr. Melody Maxwell, you will go on a journey to discover the heritage of Christian women who’ve led by

  • Spreading the gospel
  • Working for social justice
  • Using their talents
  • Overcoming obstacles

The course textbook, The Story of Lottie Moon, by Cathy Butler, is provided as a PDF file within the course. 

This course can be taken as a stand-alone, or as part of our Leadership Certificate Program, an affordable online program of nine courses created for Christian women who want to develop their leadership skills.

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From a course participant:

“I found most interesting and useful the stories of women who stood strong against various obstacles that came in their path to serving God. It was interesting to see how they endured and remained true to their calling This will be useful for me to recall when I face obstacles, too.”
– Cathy Terrell



The curriculum in the certificate program focuses on three areas of study in three semesters of course work. Participants will take three four-week classes each semester, one from each area.


  • The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Theory
  • Women Leaders from the Past



  • Spiritual Formation as a Leader
  • A Sense of Call
  • Missional Living



  • Leader Skills
  • Follower Skills
  • Leading with Integrity

Here is the course outline:

Introduction and Materials

This module provides a course overview and course textbook.

Week One: Women Leaders Who Worked to Spread the Gospel

Complete week one activities and learn about women leaders from the past who worked to spread the gospel.

Week Two: Women Leaders Who Worked for Social Justice

Complete week two activities and learn how women worked for social justice.

Week Three: Women Leaders Who Used Their Talents

Complete week three activities to learn about how women leaders of the past used their talents.

Week Four: Women Leaders Who Overcame Obstacles

Complete week four activities and learn about how obstacles did not hinder these women leaders from the past.


Complete the course survey and receive your certificate.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Women Leaders from the Past Printable Certificate
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