This course will begin on September 5, 2017. 

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A Sense of Call to Leadership is compiled by Claudia Johnson, an emeritus missionary. This course focuses on the biblical thread of God’s call, how Jesus called specifically, and how each person is uniquely created and gifted to serve in His kingdom. A PDF of the book, The Care Effect: Unleashing the Power of Compassion (New Hope Publishers), by David Crosby, is included in the course as the course textbook.

A Sense of Call to Leadership, in the area of Leadership Formation, is one of nine courses being offered in CWLC’s Certificate Program. 

The curriculum in the certificate program focuses on three areas of study in three semesters of course work. Participants will take three four-week classes each semester, one from each area.


  • The Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
  • Leadership Theory
  • Women Leaders from the Past


  • Spiritual Formation as a Leader
  • A Sense of Call
  • Missional Living


  • Leader Skills
  • Follower Skills
  • Organizational Skills

While leading is a wonderful opportunity, it can be challenging to know how to lead effectively. This course will help prepare you for your leadership role. It will help you evaluate the way you give and receive grace as you strive to lead using the model that Jesus provides in his encounter with two people in need of grace. A variety of interactive learning activities will introduce you to the basic information needed to improve your leader skills.


Here is the course outline:

Introduction and Materials
This module provides a course overview and the course textbook.
Week One - When Leading is the Only Option
Complete week one activities.
Week Two - When Knowing God's Voice Matters
Complete week two activities.
Week Three - When God Prepares the Table
Complete week three activities.
Week Four - When Milk Won't Do
Complete week four activities.
Complete this module and receive your course certificate.